Indicators reference sheet

  • Indicator 1.1: Number of people concerned by child migration whose knowledge of the risks linked with migration and of the means to prevent these risks is strengthened thanks to appropriate information sharing


  • Indicator 1.2: Quality of institutional and community services in the areas of origin, transit and destination, where Tdh intervene:

  1. # of institutional services contributing to the protection of children and youth affected by migration for which quality was enhanced

  2. # of groups at community level for which practices were improved in order to better respond to the needs of children affected by migration in terms of protection

  3. # of resources player at community level whose practices were improved to better respond to the needs of children affected by migration in terms of protection

  • Indicator 1.3: At places of origin, transit and/or destination, number of pilot projects which have led to the development of about migrants engagement in local development action supporting children and youth affected by migration.  

  • Indicator 1.4: In Central and South Eastern Europe, number of child protection actors  whose capacity is sustainability strengthened [on risks  prevention and the protection of children against violence]

  • Indicator 1.5: In Central and South Eastern Europe, number of children affected by migration and their family members whose resilience has been enhanced

  • Indicator 2.1: Number of norms, policies or procedures that have been enacted, modified or abrogated following Tdh’s intervention (led in or out of the framework of  the networks and alliances to which Tdh contributes)

  • Indicator 2.2: Level of coverage on the positions of Tdh or on information provided by Tdh repeated by the media about the realities and experiences, as well as the causes, needs and necessary interventions in the protection of children affected by migration.


  • Indicator 2.3: The views of the children and youth affected by migration are taken into account in advocacy and communication documents in the frame of national, regional and global key events (GFMD).

  • Indicator 3.1: Level of participation of Tdh in 3 main networks at the global level (1), regional (2) and national (3): strategy on the Global Compact on Migration; Regional working group for child protection in West Africa ; Swiss civil society platform on migration and development.

  • Indicator 3.2: Number and importance of positions and recommendations promoted by Tdh regarding to protection of the rights of children and youth concerned by migration having been taken up and promoted by global, regional and national networks.

  • Indicator 3.3: Number of documents [about children and migration] published [by Tdh] with academic institutes and  number of articles published in scientific journals