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Tools & templates

Reference documents


Tdh tools and templates

  • Tdh_Template_Terms of Reference Situation Analysis.doc   


  • Tdh_Template_Situation analysis report.doc    



  • Tdh_Template_Stakeholders analysis matrix.doc

  • Tdh_Template_Problem tree.doc

  • Tdh_Template_SWOT analysis.doc

  • Tdh_Template_Diagram of interaction.doc

  • Tdh_Note  Errors and Bias in questionnaire development.doc



External tools and templates

  • SPHERE_Assessment Checklist for each standard_2011

  • ACAPS_Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques for

        Humanitarian Needs Assessment_2012

  • ACAPS_Questionnaire Design_2016

  • ACAPS_Secondary Data Review_2014

  • IASC_Multi-cluster/sector Initial Rapid Assessment_2015

  • ACAPS_Purposive sampling and site selection_2011

  • CPWG_Child Protection Rapid Assessment  Toolkit, Global Protection Cluster_2012

  • ACAPS_How to approach a dataset_part 1_Data Design_2013

  • ACAPS_How to approach a dataset_part 2_Data Preparation_2013

  • ACAPS_How to approach a dataset_part 3_Analysis_2013

Tools & templates


Reference documents

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External reference documents



  • IFRC/ICRC_Guidelines for assessment in Emergencies_2008

  • ACAPS_Humanitarian Needs Assessment, The Good Enough Guide_2014

  • ACAPS_Direct observation and key informant interviews_2011

  • ICRC_Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action_2017

  • ICRC_Professional Standards for Protection Work_2013

  • WPF_Conducting Mobile Surveys Responsibility_2017

  • ACAPS_Cognitive Biases_2016

  • ACAPS_How sure are you? Judging the quality and usability of data collected during rapid

       needs assessments_2013

  • ACAPS_Data cleaning_2016

  • CaLP_Market analysis in emergencies_2011

  • UNHCR_Multi sector Market Assessment, Companion Guide and Toolkit_2017