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Tools & templates

Reference documents


Tdh tools and templates

  • Tdh_Template_Indicator reference sheet.doc

  • Tdh_Template_Indicator planning matrix.xls.

  • Tdh_Template_Monitoring activities calendar.xls

  • Tdh_Template_Indicator tracking  table.xls

  • Tdh_Template_Information use plan.xls

  • Tdh_Template_Monitoring budget.xls

  • Tdh_Template_ToRs for baseline studies.doc...coming soon

  • Tdh_Template_Management Decision Tracking Table.doc

  • Tdh_Template_Reporting and contract  follow up.xls

  • Tdh_Template_Activity Report.doc

  • Tdh_Lebanon_Syrian Crisis_PDM_Distribution of relief items_2013.pdf

  • Tdh_Pakistan_Flood Response_PDM_Distribution of hygiene kits_2016.pdf

  • Tdh_FACET_WIH_V21.xls

  • Tdh_DAH_RASCI.xls

  • Tdh_Standard JD_PMEAL staff.doc. Click here!

  • Tdh_Toolkit  for external evaluation: ToR template, budget, selection grid…coming soon

External tools and templates

  • IFRC_Baseline Basics_2013

  • BAMBERGER_Reconstructing Baseline Data for Impact, Evaluation and

       Results Measurement_2010

Tools & templates


Reference documents

External reference documents

  • IFRC_Project/Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Guide_2011

  • ALNAP_Evaluation of Humanitarian  Action_2016

  • ANALP_Real Time Evaluations of Humanitarian Action, Pilot Version_2009

  • SwS_Example of RTE, Haiti_2017

  • SAVE_Third party monitoring in insecure contexts_2016

  • S.Johnson_50 humanitarian tips – Tips to organising and managing data in humanitarian


  • ACAPS_Secondary Data Review, Sudden  Onset Natural Disasters_2014

  • MDM_The KAP Survey Model_2011

  • MDM_Qualitative methods_2012

  • HI_How to conduct a qualitative/quantitative study? From planning to using findings_2017

  • ACAPS_Direct observation and key informant interview techniques for primary data

       collection during rapid assessment_2011

  • Participatory Approaches: A facilitator's Guide

  • R.Davies and J.Dart_Most Significant changes_2005

  • ALNAP_A.T.Warner_What is monitoring in humanitarian action?_2017

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